Outside School Hours Care (0SHC)


​Freshwater State School P&C Association Executive Committee is the Approved Provider for Freshwater State School OSHC. 

P&C Executive Committee


OSHC Coordinator



Parent involvement in the P&C Association and OSHC Subcommittee is encouraged to support the continual improvement of service facilities and operations. P&C meetings are held monthly on a Monday during the school term and are advertised in the school newsletter and on Facebook. Further information or expressions of interest relating to the OSHC Subcommittee should be raised with the OSHC Coordinator. Participation as a member of the P&C Association or OSHC Subcommittee is integral as it allows you to have your say in business operations and children's learning.

 Our Philosophy

Freshwater State School OSHC celebrates individuality and the plethora of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds of children within our care. We value the rich cultures of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, embedding traditional perspectives and practices within our intentional and spontaneous teaching moments. We believe that through the establishment of equitable expectations and a developmentally appropriate program children, will experience success, allowing their intrinsic worth to grow exponentially. At Freshwater State School OSHC we believe that play should be treasured as it offers a safe and supportive environment for children to practice social and emotional learning, developing their resilience, self-efficacy, wellbeing, and emotional intelligence. We believe that through the promotion of effective communication skills and reflective thinking practices, we can equip children to become confident individuals and active community members who challenge the norm and advocate for change. Freshwater State School OSHC believes that the development of meaningful relationships with children and collaborative partnerships with families and the community allows our service to provide a quality care environment for all children.

 Behaviour Expectations

As part of our commitment to quality care, Freshwater Outside School Hours Care established an OSHC Matrix of Expectations outlining three clear, child focused behaviour expectations (be safe, be respectful, and be a learner) based on acceptable wider community standards. You will find a copy of our Matrix at the back of the Family Information Package (Linked provided below) and on display inside the OSHC building.

Freshwater Outside School Hours Care recognises that as a mutli-aged care setting the implementation of an effective behavioural management framework is imperative in supporting the needs of children from diverse backgrounds with differing developmental needs. The Freshwater State School OSHC Behaviour Management policy has been informed by the Phoniex Cups framework and Freshwater State School Positive Behaviour Learning Framework (PBL).  ​

Con​ta​ct Information
Office Hours:  9am to 2pm
Contact Numbers:  0400905502

Operating Hours

Freshwater State School OSHC is open Monday to Friday. Session times are as follows:


Before School Care*       6:30 am – 8:30 am

After School Care*          2:50 pm – 5:50 pm

Vacation Care**               6:30 am – 6:00 pm

*Before and after school care operates during the school terms.

**Vacation care operates during the school holidays and on Student Free Days.

 Fees and Charges

(before Australian Government Child Care Subsidy is applied)

Before School Care - Permanent Bookings             $19.00 per session

Before School Care - Casual Bookings                     $21.00 per session

After School Care - Permanent Bookings                $23.00 per session

After School Care - Casual Bookings                        $25.00 per session

Vacation Care* $55.00 per session

Excursions and Incursions (Vacation Care)             Fees outlined for individual events dependent on costs

Non-Notification (Absent) Fee**                               $10.00 per occurrence.

Late Collection Fee**                                                  $60.00 per occurrence.

Account Refund Fee**                                                $15.00 per occurrence.​

*Indicative base fee only. Please refer to each vacation care program for actual costs.

** Not eligible for Child Care Subsidy out-of-pocket fee reduction. ​


Unfortunately, we are unable to process any new enrolments for 2022 as our service is fully booked. Please be assured we are trying our absolute best to meet the needs of families who attend Freshwater State School, however due to our limited indoor floor spacing we are unable to increase our capacity at this time. We understand that for many families OSHC is essential service so we would love your support in advocating for a new OSHC building. If you are impacted by the unavailability of space at OSHC please direct your concerns to the Department of Education via email OSHC is a P&C run facility please direct all queries to or

Further Information

A hard copy of Service policies and procedures can be viewed at the OSHC office upon request​.

Family Information Package

Behaviour Support and Management Policy

2022 Important Dates

Parent/Guardian Home App: Starter Guide – Xplor (

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Last updated 29 October 2021